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Don’t Be Fooled!

Most people believe that regrouting is their answer to a better, more beautiful looking tile floor. In fact, The Grout PRO only recommends regrouting in extreme circumstances, where the grout has eroded from the joints, or the grout is falling out or cracking.

FREE Grout Evaluation

The Grout PRO offers a free in-home grout evaluation. We’ll take a look at your existing grout and/or tile and give you a professional assessment of what you need to have done to make your grout, tile, counter top, shower, tub or floor look like brand new again.

The process only takes about 30 minutes. After we’re finished with the evaluation, we’ll give you a prescription for what it will take to makeover your area and how quickly it can be completed.

PRO Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are super hard to clean. Stubborn dirt and grime gets deep into the grout lines and settles on the surface of the tile. This kind of accumulated mess can’t be removed by routine cleaning with a household mop or conventional cleaners. The Grout PRO can help make your tile and grout look brand new again. When we clean your grout we do it by hand using special cleaners, methods and tools. If you want your grout to shine like new then call us today.

  • Grout cleaning Melbourne, Orlando, Daytona Beach & Flagler County.
  • Grout coloring Melbourne, Orlando, Daytona Beach & Flagler County.

PRO Tile & Grout Repair

  • Repair chips and cracks in tile

PRO Tile Regrouting

  • We remove and regrout showers and regrout tubs

PRO Grout Coloring

Color staining your grout can significantly change the appearance of your existing tile floor. With a more uniformed look and better protection than untreated grout. Here are a few facts about grout staining:

  • Go from lighter to darker or vice versa
  • Choose from over 40 different color shades
  • Staining will create better uniformity and will look like new
  • Stains may last up to 10 years, when cared for properly
  • Grout stains protect grout more effectively than sealed grout
  • Staining is significantly more efficient at repelling oil and water based stains

PRO Natural Stone Cleaning & Resealing

  • Granite, Travertine, Flagstone, Slate & Marble & Saltillo (Clay)

PRO Recaulking

  • Showers, Tubs, Counter tops and baseboards
  • Know All Your Tile and Grout Options



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